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Machine Learning

I study mainly on kernel methods, nonlinear regression and feature selection in the context of materials science.
I'm also interested in artificial emotion, robotics, controls, reinforcement learning and deep learning.

Multimedia Programming

I make some musical instruments, using electronics and audio programming language like Arduino and SuperColldier, MAX, etc.
Also I make some movies as contemporary arts, using multimedia programming languages and frameworks like Processing, ThreeJS, OpenFrameworks, etc.
Details are on the below work section.


I'm an enthusiast for robots. I have developed simple robots for music and art (details are on the below work section). My dream is to create a robot that has a general function and is not expensive, using machine learning konwledge.

Music Composition

I'm a host of a band, Un Jardin Brun. Its concept is to make songs for a virtual world, named a Brown Garden (Un Jardin Brun is its french name). I play the flute and tenor saxophone through effectors, sing, make robots, do audio programming and sew some costumes.
Solo Projects are on soundcloud, including Abstract Colors, of which concepts is to convert colors of objects into music, and Shioli-chan, which is my virtual little sister.

Skills & Tools

Programming Language

C/C++/Java/Python/R/Processing/SuperCollider/Cycling '74 MAX7/HTML5/Javascript/CSS3.




Cubase 6.5/Waves Gold/Kinetic Metal/Cycling '74 MAX7/MATLAB/


Arduino/Raspberry Pi/XBee/MindWave Plus/Voice works plus/Electribe/SD-20/Acoustic Wave Music System II/ATH-M30x/UR-22

Musical Instruments

I play the Piano/Flute(Yamaha YFL-514)/Tenor Saxophone(Yanagisawa T902)/Electric Bass(GrassRoots G-BB60). I'm now Practicing the Celtic Harp.




I made computer games with RPGツクール, C and DX Library. I made mainly shooting game and RPG. Illustration in the right side is by 東風椛(
Music Softwares
Both are windows software.
Talk Engine : It pronounce words that you type in real time. It can be used for MC in a live.
Command Line Sequenser : It is a interpreter like SuperCollider. You can make sounds by combining several waveforms and effects.
Microtone Organ

MAX patch of microtone organ of arbitrary ratio. It can play with midikeyboard. You can listen to the sound through this tweet.
Hand Sensor

Sensors installed on a board, like sensors for acceleration, bend, switch and light, and joystick. It can be used by right hand. Connecting with programs like MAX, SuperCollider, it can control their parameter and thus contol of sounds by hand.
Conductor Robot

Robot like metronome. It was made for brushing up a groove of my band. It is programmable according to songs. Both hands can move 180 degree. It can be set with a mike stand. It can be manipulated wirelessly with XBee. And it can be manipulated with hand sensor. It is made with servos, Arduino and XBee.
Quadrapedal Robot

Made with Arduino, MG995, 3D printer.
Radio Controlled Differencial-Drive Car

Made with Arduino, XBee, Pololu's gearmotor and ROS.
Electric Marionette

A marionette controled by Micro Controller. It's made with stepper motors and Arduino.
Complex Robot

It's interest is on the "existence"(in the context of existentialism) of communication. He gives you some facial expression. And according to a facial expression you give back to him, he learns what facial expression he should give; if you looks like happy, he tends to give the facial expression he gave, and if you seems angry, he tends not to give it. In addition, because he has no confidence, sometimes he tends not to give the facial expression he gave though it seemed to have made you happy. Through these interaction, one is expected to feel a eembarrasing aspect of communication.It's made with Arduino, OpenFrameworks and servos.
Tennis Sounds Maker

It is a program which associates your motion with hitting sound of tennis balls. You become able to play a virtual tennis. It's made with SuperCollider, Synapse and Kinect. Tennis sound effects is from
Musical Motor Bike
It is a musical instrument mocking motor bike. It produces sound of engine and you can control its pitch by sensor in the right handle, like real motorbike. And with buttons in the left handle, you can control winkers. It's made with Arduino, SuperCollider, sensors and LEDs.
Pleasure Computing

This object is connected with the Internet. It can convert information (push button on a web page) into fetishistic activity (put a mark on an erasor). With this object, I intended to suggest and encourge non-productive and pleasure-inducing use of programming.
This object was exhibited in Genron Chaos * Lounge Shingeijutukou Standard Course(2nd) Outcome Exhibition. I have also created the website with joytomo.
Multimedia Arts

I make movies with ThreeJS and OpenFrameworks.


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